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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Ship to home

October 17

We docked around 7:00.  I had set the alarm for 7:40 but from about 5 am on, I awoke about every 15 minutes, looked out the window, and then went back to sleep.  Finally gave up and got out of bed about 7:30.

We were expected to disembark between 8:15 and 8:30 and were to be in the Platinum Theater by 8:15.  Things went slowly and we were finally called around 8:45.  Collected our baggage in the terminal and then stood in line for customs and immigration.  We then walked out to meet the shuttle bus to the airport.  We arrived at the United terminal about 10:15 after a ride of just over 20 minutes.

Check-in was automated and once our bags were weighed and tagged we had to take them to a cart on the other side of the room.

We decided to eat before going through security because the guard told Gary we would have more choices.  Barbara and I ate at Cheeburger Cheeburger, Tommy had pizza and Gary and Carolyn chose Jersey Mike subs.

When our early lunch was finished, we played a game Barbara had brought called "Farkle".  You roll dice trying to get certain numbers.  The first player to 10,000 wins (beginner's luck - I won).

Then we all played with our phones.  Tommy and Barbara's won't send messages to each other and Carolyn's and mine won't, either.

We were all TSA pre-approved so no one had to remove shoes, belts, etc.  Once through security we still had two hours until boarding.  Carolyn walked laps around the terminal, Barbara read, Tommy enjoyed using his phone, Gary was the designated bag watcher (when we wandered around) and I worked on the blog.

Boarding started right on time at 2:40 and we took off at 3:05.  Arrived back in Richmond at 4:13 (love short flights).  My daughter and grandson met us as we exited the restricted area.  Our bags came up after about five minutes (mine was the first one on the carousel).

Home before six.

Another great cruise is over.  I enjoyed cruising with friends and hope we can do it again soon.

For me, the next cruise will be in April to Hawaii and Tahiti and then to Alaska afterwards.  I will post the link to my new blog in "My Blog List" at the bottom of this page when I set it up.

For now, smooth sailing until next time!  

lunch at the airport

Friday, October 16, 2015

At Sea

October 16

Gave up on getting the blog to load at 1 am (including the time change) and went to bed.  Awoke a little after 9:15 and watched the last morning show as I folded some more clothes.

The Captain and some of the other officers had a Q&A session at 10:30.  Sat with Carolyn and Gary.

Back for some more packing before heading to the Windjammer for lunch (the rice and the oatmeal raisin cookies were the best part).  Planned to visit the area where the flow rider and climbing wall were (just to say I had seen them) but it was very windy and it started to rain so I gave up.  I did go to the gym to see the penguins on the deck.

Headed for 2:00 trivia after visiting the shops one last time.  I was finally able to get the blog and all the pictures up five minutes before trivia started.  Irene, her husband Arthur, and I played.  Only had 8 right and the winner had 12.

Q1.  The Skoda car company originated in which country?
Q2.  What is the name for a group of baboons?
Q3.  On a dartboard what number follows 5, 20, 1, 18?
Q4.  How many hearts does an octopus have?

After trivia I went to finish up my packing then changed for dinner and off to 4:00 trivia.  It was a visual trivia that had a lot of repeats of the TV shows from the other day.  We tied for first place with two other teams.  Barbara won the the third tie-breaker for us knowing the depth of the ice on the ice-skating rink (which is 1.5 inches).  We won Royal Caribbean ball caps.

The 4:45 General Trivia was hard and we only had 9 out of 15.  The winning team had 10.5 so we did not do too badly.
Q1. What is the capital of Macedonia?
Q2. What dance craze started in the 70s but became really popular in the 80s by Crazy Legs?
Q3.  In what movie did Kevin McAllister get into difficulties in New York City?

We had a picture taken with our favorite trivia guy, Godfrey, before we had to say good-bye to Maureen and John.

We had booked 5:30 dinner and sat in the same area as last night and had Genevie as our server.  She made sure we were happy after our dissatisfaction of last night.  We reassured her that her service had been excellent, it was the food that we had issues with.  Tonight it was two orders of turkey,  two sliders, and Gary had chicken.  Most of us had key lime pie but Tommy had frozen strawberry souffle.  Some of us also had ice cream.

A walk through the royal promenade to spend the last of our onboard money and then Barbara, Tommy and I went to "Name That Tune - Big Band Edition.  I knew maybe two but Barbara and Tommy knew more.  We had to leave before it was over to be sure to get seats for the farewell show.

Carolyn and Gary met us at eight for the show.  It featured the physical comedy of Max Winfrey (he was on "America's Got Talent" and threw knives at Nick Cannon).  The ship orchestra played - with a very long solo by the drummer,  Dru (Cruise Director) told some silly stories about things people have said on cruises, and for the finale the singers, dancers, skaters, and members of the crew came on stage.

I went up with Barbara and Tommy so they could weigh their bags and got to see their balcony.  They have the farthest forward balcony on deck 9 and have a great view of the port side wing of the bridge.

Bags had to be out by 10 and mine made it with 3 minute to spare.

An hour and 45 minutes later I have not been able to upload any pictures so if by some miracle the blog posts the pictures will have to wait until I get home.  Actually I opened my cabin door and got the blog posted quickly just can't get the pictures

Trivia answers....

2:00 trivia
Q1. Czechoslovakia
Q2.  Troop
Q3.  4
Q4. 3. I had this question on a past trivia but could not remember the answer

4:45 trivia
Q1.  Skopie
Q2.  breakdancing
Q3.  Home Alone 2

part of the gym

the penguins out on the deck in front of the treadmills

pool deck

more of the pool deck

Schooner Lounge where most of the trivia is played

Johnny Rockets diner

frozen yogurt machine on pool deck

the Royal Promenade

red dog artwork (Red Rover)


On Air bar and entrance to ice rink

ice skating rink


Farewell show with some of the crew

Trivia- Barbara, Tommy, Godfrey (our favorite trivia presenter), Maureen, John, and I

Smooth sailing until next time!

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

October 15

Had to be up before sunrise for our tour.  We met at 7:10 and had to wait about ten minutes before the gangway opened.  Walked through the terminal and out to our bus.  We took the "Halifax Top Ten" with Linda our guide and Larry as driver.

Halifax is an important port and was the "Ellis Island" of Canada where thousands of immigrants came to be processed.  It was also a place where many Loyalists moved after the Revolutionary War and also accepted a number of runaway slaves who came north through the Underground Railroad.

We drove past some of the historic buildings on the way to the Public Gardens.  We walked through and saw a number of beautiful dahlias (I had no idea there were so many varieties).  

After about a 45 minute ride, passing some beautiful lakes and fall foliage, we were in Peggy's Cove.  It was started as a fishing village and is very picturesque.  It was still very early (at least for me) and it was quite chilly with wind whipping in from the water.  We had about an hour to wander around, take pictures and shop.  There are only about three dozen permanent residents here and they have to travel about 25 minutes to shop, visit the doctor/dentist, go to school, etc.

Upon leaving, we headed to see a maple syrup company.  They had samples of maple candy and cookies but I have not grown any more fond of the taste of maple.

Our next stop was at Fairview Lawn Cemetery.  Yes, a cemetery and also one of the reasons I wanted too take this tour.  When the Titanic sank in 1912, boats were dispatched from Halifax (about 300 miles from the site where she sank) to find bodies.  About 200 were found and most were brought back to Halifax (some were buried at sea because of the condition of the body).  Clothing and any personal belongings were catalogued along with a description of the body.  59 were identified and the remains sent to the families but others either could not be identified or the family did not have the money to pay for the body to be returned.  121 bodies were buried in Fairview Lawn Cemetery.

We walked through the rows of headstones.  The plain ones were paid for by the White Star Line while the more elaborate ones were paid for by family or friends.  The body of an infant was found and his body was identified about 90 years after the sinking as a 19 month old named Sidney Goodwin who perished with his entire family.

There is one headstone marked "J Dawson" who many thought was the Jack Dawson of movie fame but he was really Joseph Dawson who worked in the boiler room.

After leaving the cemetery we went back to the area near the Public Gardens for a lunch/shopping break.  Carolyn and Gary went to look at a shop they had heard about in one of the lectures onboard while Barbara, Tommy and I went to a pub for lunch.

Our last stop was at the Citadel, a former British fort.  This was just to take pictures from a panoramic spot in the city.

We arrived back at the ship about 2:30.  There were a number of vendors in the terminal and we all looked at them before getting back onboard.

Visual trivia was at 4:00.  This was on famous structures and you had to name the structure for one point and the location for another.  We had 26 out of a possible 30 and the winner had 27.

Then a move to General Trivia in the Schooner Bar.  We had 13 correct and the winner had 14.

Q1.  Which is the largest species of tiger?
Q2.  What country singer was only 13 when her album "Blue" was released?
Q3.  First staged in 1911, which race is held at the Brickyard every May?
Q4.  In what year did the Cuban Missile Crisis occur?

We had a 7:30 dinner reservation, so I got ready for dinner and then went to the Cafe Promenade because I thought they had lemonade - they didn't.  I worked on the blog while waiting for dinner.

Dinner was a huge disappointment.  For appetizers, Barbara and Carolyn had spinach dip which they enjoyed.  Gary and Tommy had clam chowder which wasn't very good and I had a seafood cocktail which had the driest crabmeat I ever tasted.  For the main course Carolyn had pasta, Gary and Barbara had chicken, and Gary and I had sliders.  Most of us were very disappointed with this, too.  The Maitre d' came over at the end of the meal and we let him know it was the poorest meal we've had.  On the other hand the kiwi/strawberry Pavlova for dessert was delicious.

The show was Saturday Night Fever which we had already seen and then a comedian at 10:45.  Gary and Carolyn went to bed and Barbara, Tommy and I went to hear The Sofia Band play pop tunes and watch the dancing.

We gain our hour back tonight.

Trivia Answers....
Q1.  Siberian
Q2.  Leeann Rimes
Q3.  Indy 500
Q4.  1962

Views of Halifax

The gardens

hanging basket on street lamp

model of Titanic

On the road to Peggy's Cove

At Peggy's Cove

Fairview Lawn Cemetery

unidentified body

the grave of the child that was finally idenitified 

one of the rows of headstones

Pictures from the Citadel

At lunch

the teenagers couldn't wait to get on their phones

Farewell to Nova Scotia!

Smooth sailing until next time!